Site Development Plan

Architect's Perspective

The planning, urban design and landscape architecture of Andorra Estates is also driven by the context of its elevated site. The main residential enclaves are terraced to provide views of Sarangani Bay and its surrounding landscape. The landscape development focuses on thematic planting design to frame views and provide texture and color enhancing the estates’ sense of place.

With its welcoming entry statement lying off the main highway from GenSan’s urban center, this sense of place is heightened.

Andorra Estates’ Village Center will have an arcade of shops, accessible to both by the public from the main road, as well as the residents of Andorra Estates from above. A landscaped curved drive from this retail arcade leads to the residential gate and the Central amenity above.

This gradual upward drive frames two iconic structures, a chapel and a community pavilion. The silhouettes of the two are similar and are derived from the forms of a leaf and that of hands in prayers.

These reflect the goals of Andorra Estates to be green and sustainable, as well as to acknowledge the natural bounty of the site that is heaven sent.

The transition between the retail arcade and the pavilions is a slope that will be planted to flowering shrubs, endemics and native trees to provide a foreground to the central amenity above. A pond and other water features add to the scene.

The central amenity area is a 2 hectare site incorporating open and green spaces to balance the architecture of the two landmarks – the Chapel and the Pavilion. A new urbanist framework that takes the classic formula of church and plaza and contemporizes it for modern high-end living.

All these components are set in to fit the contours of the property, bringing out the essence of Andorra’s location and vast nature of the estate. Andorra Estates is to GenSan similar to how Alabang is the premium development south of Makati. But Andorra Estates has more to offer in terms of elevation, views and actual proximity to the city center.

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